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[IP] Re: National Diabetic Pharmacies

I second these people. If you ever get a chance to be in Salem, VA 
(really exciting, let me tell you), stop on by. There's a wonderful 
diabetic store-I was so excited-and lots of good literature (i.e., 
pamphlets on how to tell co-workers or teachers, etc).

I have a funny story about how I found them. I'm an archaeologist, 
which I've mentioned before, and was in Salem doing a rather cool 
excavation of a Native American site. There was a port-a-potty on 
the site, which is rather rare--I usually go in the woods. Anyway, this 
was my first dig with the pump, I had had it about a month. Somewhat 
nervous, but it's my job, and I had little choice but to go. I was about 
3 hours from home, but staying with my sister, who's a nursing student 
and a wonderful support. So I go to the port-a-potty, and noone told 
me the door was broken--and the door faced the busy road. So there 
I am, trying to hold the door, go to the potty, and trying to pull my 
jeans down. Well, the jeans caught the set, and pulled it out! But I 
didn't know this (though I had an inkling). Well, my BG starts spiking 
up, I start feeling sick and realized (newbie here) that I hadn't packed 
a back-up set. So I started driving around to every pharmacy in 
Roanoke/Salem. Of course, none had any sets, and they would 
recommend someone else. Finally, someone recommended National 
Diabetic Pharmacies. I called them, and they called my doctor and 
insurance company for insulin prescriptions, and the supplies I 
needed, then had a set all ready for me when I got there. They gave 
me a room to change it in, and gave me some tips, and made sure I 
checked my ketones, and didn't let me leave until I  wasn't spilling 
any. Very nice people, so give them a call (1-800-INSULIN) for 
supplies. Oh yeah, my doctor thinks this is the funniest pump-mishap 
story he's ever heard, and orders me to stay away from port-a-potties!

Maureen Meyers (the other Maureen)
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