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[IP] Disetronic - a bit long

I just wanted to share my most recent experience with Disetronic.  we went
on vacation not too long ago and brought along extras of all pump related
items.  I took along 2 extra batteries, knowing that I had just replaced
battery #3 a few days before leaving.  I assumed that 2 batteries would be
enough.  Well you know what happens when you assume anything!  Those 2
batteries went into the pump within days...So needless to say when the pump
alarmed for that battery toward the end of the week, I was out of batteries.
Jessica's pump alarmed every hour on the hour, and we had to go back on
shots for meals, just conserving battery power by letting it run basals
only.  Around 1am, 14 hours after it started alarming, it died completely. 
Now we were back on shots completely....I had forgotten how hard it was! 
Pumping, you bolus according to what you eat, on shots you only have .05
units to work with for food.  UGGGGH!  But the part I was getting to was I
called Disetronic after it started alarming and explained how we had gone
through 3 batteries in less than 2 weeks.  I gave him the lot numbers of the
batteries and even though we weren't in the computer because we don't buy
directly from Disetronic, he overnighted a strip of 8 batteries to me.  We
had them by 11am the next morning and I have never been so happy to hear
that pump SHUT UP!  After it went into stop mode cause the battery was too
weak it alarmed every 3 minutes!!!!!  I couldn't take both batteries out for
fear of losing all the basal rates.  So what lesson did I learn?--- 1.  No
matter what you think may be enough supplies, ANYTHING can happen! and 2. 
Always, always, always keep an updated basal rate profile in your supplies
if you will be gone for more than a few days!

Living and Learning,
Mom of Jessica, age 8, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.7 years & Jarred, 9

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