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Re: [IP] Long car trips - Advice & A1C result

Hi Linda!
I am from Ontario too. What area are you from?
We travelled to Myrtle Beach last June with 5 kids in our van. What a 
challenge...but it was great when we got there. We left at 10 a.m. and 
arrived at 5:30 a.m. the next morning, in time to see the sunrise over the 
ocean (my kids had never seen the ocean before!). I was not pumping at the 
time, wish I was though!!
This past Saturday we were in the car almost the whole day as we travelled 
through New York state then back home again. We went all the way around Lake 
Ontario. My bgs were quite high the whole time even though I was bolusing 
extra so Ruth's suggestion of increasing the basal rates is a good idea. Too 
bad I did not see the post before our trip! Just a warning though, if you 
stop and he gets quite active for a bit, just test often to make sure that 
he does not go low. When we stopped I walked quite a bit for about an hour 
and my bgs dropped from 15.5 down to 2.8. Then when we got on our way again, 
they went up pretty fast.
Next time I will know to do things way differently!! Good for you for 
thinking of that ahead of time.
As far as the A1Cs go, mine went up too, from 6.3 to 7.1 but without all 
those lows! I also had a fructosamine done. The first fructosamine was on 
the higher range because of illness and site problems but the next one I had 
done 3 weeks later and it was much better.
Have a wonderful holiday!!.............Carolyn

>From: Linda Culumovic <email @ redacted>
>We are going by car to Myrtle Beach on Saturday, (from Ontario - with two 
>little kids - ARGH!)
>Any advice on setting basals maybe higher because of the inactivity??
>We were a little bit disappointed in the AIC this week - up to 8.0 from 
>7.2.  I've read they go up sometimes because of elimination of lows, and 
>Adam has had more highs the first 6 weeks with site problems and illnesses.
>Linda, mom to Jenna, 2 (non-d) and Adam, 4, pumping 10 weeks and loving it!

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