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RE: [IP] single and diabetic sorry long

After Sara's post and others I just had to comment myself.  Although I am
married and no longer single, I thought you could use a laugh.

When I was at college my freshman year, I learned my lesson about letting
everyone know I was diabetic when I hadn't told anyone and had a doosy of a
low in the middle of the night.  Luckily things turned out ok.

So my sophomore year I was sitting in the lounge during the "get to know
your floor" night, which was the first night there.  I told everyone I was
diabetic and explained to them what lows and highs were and my typical
symptoms.  I also explained that lately I had been having these
unexplainable lows that hit me hard and fast and often I didn't know they
were happening before they did.  I explained to them what they should do.  I
had an extended conversation with a campus EMT who lived two doors down from
me. (We had students trained to be EMTs who were on 24hour shifts each day).
So later that night the stragglers were still sitting in the lounge chatting
away and BAM! I was definitely having problems. I knew I needed something
but couldn't explain it to the people in the room.  So I tried to get to my
room which I knew I had stuff in but couldn't seem to find the right door.
The guys in the room, including the EMT, realized something was wrong. The
EMT grabbed glucose gel out of his bag, (he was on call at the time), and
had someone call for an ambulance.  I forgot to tell them I had a gag
reaction to glucose gel. <LOL> I proceeded to spit it back out at him.  The
cherry makes pretty colors on white t-shirts and tan carpeting. :)  Some of
it soaked in and then when the ambulance came they gave me dextrose 50/50
and I came to in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  WOW!  That was a

Ok so after that everyone on the floor cracked jokes about my training
session. :)  Two guys on the floor below us checked in on me and admitted
they had D and were going to tell people about it because my episode scared
them.  So everyone knew and looked out for me.  But here is where the story
gets good...

At the start of the second semester my now husband moved onto our floor.  He
had been in Scotland the semester before and thus was unaware of my
"training" session.  We started hanging out alot and after a month or so he
asked me out on a date.  I had assumed through conversation and friends he
would have known I was diabetic but I guess not.  So one night a group of us
again were talking in the lounge including my now hubby.  I got up and went
to my room and brought my blood testing stuff into the lounge.  We were
ordering pizza and I didn't want to miss the juicy talk we were having.
When I sat down and started testing, the following conversation occurred:

Sherry:  (pricking finger and placing blood on test strip)
Brett:   "Oh my god, your diabetic?"
Sherry:  "Yeah, I'm sorry I thought you knew..." (Thinking here goes this
Brett:   "I guess I do now...wow I guess that saying is true then."
Sherry:  "What saying?" (Quizzically wondering)
Brett:   "That guys really do fall in love with women who are like their
Sherry:  "Huh?" (not what she was expecting to hear)
Brett:   "My mother has diabetes too.  Boy do I have some funny low stories
to tell you..."

So sometimes it can go your way. :)  He really is a sweetie-pie.  And
remarkably understands things better then most boyfriends I had.

Hmmm....good luck to you all.

-- Sherry
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