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Re: [IP] Reusing Lancets to Wayne

Good points and Nice soapbox Sally :-)  My point was that there is no RISK
in reusing lancets, and if a lancet doesn't get dull after poking my tough
hide for a few dozen times (I've even looked at it under a microscope here
in the lab), then it's not going to get dull on sweet soft toddler skin.
Maybe some of us old timers used to be slow healers, but that's no longer
much of an issue with us pumpers.   My philosophy changed with each of my 4
kids, so that by the 4th, I was convinced that there was almost nothing I
could do that would change the way they were programmed.   If my 4th were
diabetic, I'd probably change her lancet when i changed mine whether we
needed it or not :-)  There are so many more serious things to really worry
about with kids.  And there are only so many hours in the day.

>OK, Wayne, good point,
>Why would you want to take the RISK of infection on a 2 year old, we ARE
>slower healers you know, plus MY major concern was the dull lancet -- OUCH!!
>Why torture your 2 year old like that?!! A 2 year old is really going to say,
>"Mommy/Daddy could you please change my lancet?"  It's going to hurt no
>matter how sharp, why not have it the sharpest/sterilist(?) it can be?
>Thanks for listening --
>Off the soapbox.
>Sally =o)>

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