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[IP] Reusing Lancets to Wayne

<<Sally, I just had to smile at your comment.  From a dad's point of view, as
a dad of 4 children, I have witnessed first hand many times what 2 year
olds do with their hands and mouths.  Sanitary and sterility are not words
that generally come to mind :-)   And  reusing a lancet on a child is at
least as sanitary as getting a hug and slobbery kiss from old Autie Mabel.
MY 2 cents.
Sally's Original:
<BUT - - From a mothers point of view,  If I had a 2 year old with IDDM I
<don't think that I would reuse my lancets.  That is just MY 2 cents worth. 

Sally responds:

OK, Wayne, good point, I had posted a reply to your comment, but it went into 
"cyber heaven" because I posted from work -- SO, I'm going to try again, from 
home. heh heh.  What I was trying to point out, from a Mom's point of view, 
as a mother of 2 girls, having BEEN a 2 year old with IDDM, no finger pokes 
everyday, but did have to do the glass syringes and sharpening the needles 
(which I still have).  I was the family alarm clock -- really -- the youngest 
of 5 children -- everybody KNEW when it was time to get up because they would 
hear me scream -- "Grumble . . . Sally's getting her shot . . . time to get 
up."  My Dad, God Bless his Soul, would hold me down and my Mom, God Bless 
her Soul, would give me my shot. (Now that they are gone from THIS world, I 
reflect on my wiggling and screaming and think, I could've been more 
cooperative. I remember all of this too.)
Why would you want to take the RISK of infection on a 2 year old, we ARE 
slower healers you know, plus MY major concern was the dull lancet -- OUCH!! 
Why torture your 2 year old like that?!! A 2 year old is really going to say, 
"Mommy/Daddy could you please change my lancet?"  It's going to hurt no 
matter how sharp, why not have it the sharpest/sterilist(?) it can be?

Thanks for listening --
Off the soapbox.

Sally =o)
IDDM for 35 of my 37 years
Assimilated : 7 December 1999
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