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[IP] Being single, etc

Sara, Dan, et al:
I had to respond to this, mostly because, as usual, Sara had me rotflmao.  I
loved it!  Dan and Sara, my hats off to both of you for living with
diabetes, not for it, and for dealing with it the way you do, it makes
others happy for you, me included!  Sara, your words hit home as usual too,
but luckily now I have found my mate for life, and he loves me for me, not
for my diabetes and me dealing with it. (that helps, but he sees me for ME,
not for Me and D).  It is hard to describe sometimes, but I have often
wondered if it was my being diabetic that attracted Ken.  He tells me over
and over that he respects me highly for being so truthful and flagrant about
my diabetes.  Hell if someone wants to ask why I have a tube coming out of
my pants, I sure as hell tell them all about it!  I have even been know to
drop the pants and show my sites to them too, depending on where I was at
the time.
I see that there are two ways about it:  Be open and truthful right up
front, or wait and work your way into it.  Get the opposite sex comfy with
you as a human first, then after that is ok, start on the diabetes 101.  ??
I really don't have any advice, just  be yourself and have fun, that's what
life is all about!
Thanks again Sara for starting my day off with a smile!
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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