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[IP] The day after

Reporting in live from the Ramm house! When last we left off, Kevin was going 
without parents to the Pentagon field trip. (long day on his own). We made a 
wonderful carb card for him including many fast food choices like Pizza or 
chicken nuggets at any ff place...BUT they didnt have "those" ff places...so, 
Kevin chose CHEETOS and SODA because it listed the carbs. WEll, I was floored 
that he would do that, but once I moved beyond the shock, I thought that at 
least he was thinking about the # of carbs he was eating and that is a GOOD 
step in the right direction. His BG's were great...so I cant complain.

Thanks for listening.

Mom to Kevin, 12, dx 12/98
pumping 11 months
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