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[IP] I am a pumper :)

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I posted.  The last time was when I was fighting
with my insurance co to get them to cover the pump.  I finally got it
approved with a little extra push from my endo; and a little persistence on
my part as well.  My first pump day was 3/20.  Thank you for all your
support.  Those of you having trouble with your insurance, all I can suggest
is be persistent.(I called my insurance co once a week to check on the
status)  I also asked them for a written list of criteria that I was
required to meet in order to have the pump covered.  Well, after many
requests, I never got the list but I did get the pump & it was worth the

I am using the Disetronic Htron +

- When I go to program a bolus, I press the s button, and then I press the h
or m button.  Nothing happens.  The cursor is on the insulin remaining
symbol.  If I keep pressing the h or m button, the cursor finally moves down
to the B symbol - sometimes I get the 3 beeps, sometimes not.  Is anyone
else having this problem??

- I saw the post on taking 10 units/meal.  I'm not sure why people are
worried about this but my guess is their endo suggested taking no more that
what their regimen is set at.  I'm with the person that says to think about
it like it is a normal pancreas.  The more you eat, the more insulin you'll
need.  ***I think one of the reasons an endo may suggest not to take more
insulin is if he's worried about an increase in weight.  I'm not sure if the
increase in insulin affects you in any other way (besides those lows of
course).  If someones really worried about it they could always battle it
with exercise.  Insulin tends to be used more efficiently while exercising
regulary; I can usually eat a little more too. :)  As always, YMMV!

One last thing - sorry this is soooo long...
How do we reply to a message that is in a digest?

Thanks again for sharing all your great knowledge & experiences!!

Eric F

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