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Re: [IP] Re: Touched by an Angel episode

I had been resisting commenting because I unfortunately missed the show.
But now I felt compelled to comment.  I don't know how old this girl was,
but she had to be somewhat compareable to my age of dx (which was 16 and a
junior in high school).

<snip>"it looked like she had taken, like, 60 units of insulin at once!  I
know that it's something that only diabetics or parents of would notice,
but I looked at my boyfriend like, "oh my god" and he said, "Oh, she'll
probably be in a coma in 10 minutes, with all that insulin!"    

I laughed out loud when I read your post because I felt the same way. 
They should have had her passed out with the EMS at her side but
instead, they had her not feeling very well. <snip>

Now I remember when I came home from dx (I didn't see the show), but I was
using 50 unit syringes because I needed more than 50 units for both of my
two shots (this came down in the 3 weeks after I was dx, but only 1 week
was in the hospital).  The first couple of nights, they checked me every
hour, and often gave me small doses of R.  At home, I would only check 1-2
times in the night, and I never gave myself insulin.

<snip>Also, I was definitely in NO shape to be on a volleyball court when I
was diagnosed...and my guess is that I looked VERY sick.  <snip>

The second last time before my dx I was "seen" at a school event was when I
played in my soccer tournament.  I played midfield/wing.  So I wasn't just
"standing around".  I was running up and down the field.  Several days
before my dx, I had gone out on a run, even though I was sleeping more than
20 hours a day.  When I was admitted, I walked up the flight of stairs to
get to the ped. floor... carring a 2 year old.  The doctor's couldn't
figure out how I could still be conscious, much less sitting, much less,
standing, much less walking, much less than carring a 2 year old up a
flight of stairs.  During my hospital stay, I would go running with one of
the residents, she would get tired before me and comment how that
"shouldn't be".  A week after my dx, I was practicing with my swim team,
and less than a month, I was in the first meet of the season.  It is
amazing what a determined, stubborn, person can do!


To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth
living.  -Alvin Ailey
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