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[IP] Long car trips - Advice & A1C result

We are going by car to Myrtle Beach on Saturday, (from Ontario - with two
little kids - ARGH!)

Any advice on setting basals maybe higher because of the inactivity?? 

We were a little bit disappointed in the AIC this week - up to 8.0 from
7.2.  I've read they go up sometimes because of elimination of lows, and
Adam has had more highs the first 6 weeks with site problems and illnesses.
 We were hoping to  give the insurance company some real "proof". They
asked for a second letter from endo on why pump is necessary for Adam -
first letter was more on what the pump can do - but not focussing on Adam.

I inserted my first Sil into Adam's tummy tonight - was sweating! We used
EMLA and he said it was OK.  Hubby did it a few weeks ago, and it was fine. 

Also - Sara - that last email on dating was hilarious - your emails are
always so fun to read!

Linda, mom to Jenna, 2 (non-d) and Adam, 4, pumping 10 weeks and loving it!
(but awfully tired!)

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