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[IP] loving pumping:-)

 In reply to a few things--
 Naming the pump--mine has multiple names, it started
as Frankie, then Huey 2 (thanks Mag) and most recently
Libby (the liberator) I don't call it a name, but
Libby would be the most accurate.
 Someone asked about sets--personally I use rapids, I
spent 5 months of hating all infusion sets and now I'm
considering getting off rapids--I have the least
crimps (although yesterday I ended up high with
ketones--b/c tape came off more than i thoguht) but
the only complaint about rapids I have is they don't
disconnect and the sport case is bulky to shower
with...that and warm weather and me after 9 months do
NOT mix with sets, mine now is less than a day old and
already coming out..
 A1c's...wow! i still remember them all  including the
highest in years back in november, to one I got
yesterday which *I* am very proud of. 
 That, and pumping you really learn a lot. I've met a
bunch of great people, become a big time trouble
shooter and had some great control.
 I finally added DAILY exercise and have even had
times my bg doesn't move...
 My concerns have moved on (major time to
college..ughhh) and some other stuff. 
 Food I'm much more aware of which to some extent is
bad but i think I'm getting better at all that...
 To anyone who's not pumping or fighting for it now,
you'll love it..maybe not at first, maybe not even the
first year, but once you get past the hellish parts
it's great. Finally, I'm not checking bg at 3am every
night (not that i was..but my mom has stopped b/c i've
PINPOINTED exact *safety* patterns) and more than
anything, I'm soooo excited about summer, going away
for 5 weeks and the biggest concern is who should know
about hte diabetes..not if I will run into a prob or
need glucagon...for now, the D monster, my MM pump,
and I are all at peace:-)
 MM user-6/28/99

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