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[IP] testing at school


I was in high school shortly after the earth cooled - mid '60s.  After a few
real good lows, I encountered no problems treating lows.  Unfortunately, we
did not have pumps, and had  now idea about testing other than 2 or 3 times
a day back then.  Testing, therefore, was not a problem.

The lows were a problem.  I gave myself a concussion trying to walk through
a door.  I was seeing triple and the actual doorway consisted of 3 side by
side glass doors.  I kept walking into the frames.  Another time, being
short, I decided to climb on a desk to do an algebra problem on the board -
so I could start higher up on the board.  After a few of those episodes, I
was allowed to eat when ever and what ever I needed.  They even moved my
chemistry class to before gym so I would not blow up the school (LOL).

I kept non-wrapped candies on my desk during the SATs and my final exams.
My classmates didn't mind, and there was no irritating paper crinkles when I
ate them.  And I ate one every 10 minutes throughout every test.  I am sure
this spiked my sugars, but there was no way of knowing g back then - and the
result of a low was too dangerous.

With the legal requirements that schools are supposed to follow in existence
today, you should not be experiencing this discrimination.  You should not
have to endanger yourself to prove to the principal that you are checking a
"suspected" low.  If your classrooms have phones, so you could insist that
the principal - or his representative- come to you when you need to test.  I
agree with the advice everyone else is giving - get the special ed advocate
on top of this.  These scores have a direct bearing on your education.
Allowances must be made.  Its the law.

DX 1957, pumping 2000

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