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[IP] odd collection of bubbles????

Chjanged the site tody-Paddy had all sorts of funky readings today!
At the place where the tubing connects to the pump /insulin cartridge, there
were a myriad of bubbles.  Like, if you have ever seen one, a midwife toad's
back.  Or, have you ever seen a child blow spit bubbles?  Like that.  All
bunched together and quite a few of them.
WHY?  And could this have been a reason. This was no where NEAR the infuion
at this stomach.  43 inches away as a mater of fat, adn NO bubbles in the
tubing at all.
This is Paddy's week anniversary of the pump----I LOVE it, he loves it and
we are NEVER giving it up!  LOL  EVER!
Charisma :)

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