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[IP] Toddler pump starts

I use an excel file to record my glucose values.  It is real easy to e-mail
them to my CDE, then leave a message on her voice mail that "She has mail!".
She prints them out and discuses them with my Physician's Assistant.  Since
the charts I use keep track of the info, all I have to do is insert the
values.  If I am fasting and trying to keep away from the kitchen, or
staying up late due to a low, I add colored backgrounds to indicate basal
changes, carb counts for lows, basal testing readings, etc.

The CDE and PA love my file because everything they need is right there.
And I do not have to sit by the phone and make real contact.  They can
e-mail me or leave a voice mail with instructions or basal changes, or carb
ratio changes, etc.  I would share it with you all, but not sure if this is
something anyone else would want.

Admins, if someone wants to see this file or download it, how could I share
it with the IP list.  Of course, this is not something I intend to market.
Just a file I created for my use that I am willing to share.

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