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Re: [IP] RE: I'm so disappointed in Disetronic

I think it sounds like you need to start all over with your doctor's RX
going to whatever pump company you are going to use.
I don't blame you for being upset . Have you not used your pump yet?
One thing you can do is to call your State Insurance Commissioner and file
a complaint with them about your insurance company..
call some media consumer reporter from your local TV station and ask them
to help you and make a big noise about it and maybe someone will get the
I wish I knew how I could help you more. It has to be awfully frustrating.
email @ redacted

At 06:42 PM 04/04/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Anika wrote:
>>>Are you sure you're upset with the right people? Have you called
>Disetronic to find out if they sent the bill? When I was in the process of
>trying to get approval for my pump, my insurance company claimed not to
>have received 25 pages that my doctor's office faxed to them. My doctor's
>office was able to tell me when and to whom the information was faxed.
>This wasn't the last time the insurance company couldn't locate
>information. Later, they couldn't find records to show that they were my
>insurer, when I called about another claim. This was BC/BS, not
>    In your situation, logic says that the pump company would want their
>money, and it's the insurer who has the motivation not to hurry a payment
>along. (thinking of the interest that accumulates for them the longer they
>hang onto their money). Call Disetronic and if they've screwed up then by
>all means, ride their butts, but make sure that's what it is.  <<
>Why does everyone assume I have not talked to Disetronic about this problem?
>I've talked and talked and talked.  Seems to me the problem is with their
>insurance company in MN getting the bill sent over to my insurance since
>Disetronic tells me they can't send it direct.   All they tell me is that it
>will take a LONG TIME to get insurance approval.  I can send a bill myself
>to my insurance for medical supplies and have a check in my hand in 3 weeks.
>Don't know why this is taking so long, unless the problem is with
>Disetronic's insurance company in MN (who I have no control over, and it
>seems they don't either).  I do know that if a bill is sent to the wrong
>address or department number at my insurance, it will definitely disappear.
>So why isn't anyone checking to see what's going on for me?
>getting real tired of waiting...
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml