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Re: [IP] single and diabetic

Hi Sarah..

 WOW what a way with words you have .. I read your posts and Identify so well 
..  You have made me laugh and cry all in one letter .. sniff sniiff .. I 
thought I was the only one to look at a guy and wonder what kind of insurance 
he has :-) <smile> and the ones with money .. Yawn! oh boy ! .. So do you 
look for love? or the one with the best job?  To be Or Not to be? That is 
definitely my question.. 

 I never really worried much about my diabetes and finding someone to Deal 
with me ..take the diabetes away and there still is a lot to work with :-) < 
but nothing a little therapy will not help > Then at one point I was seeing 
this guy and I thought things were going well and he had asked me about my 
pump I explained < a bit to much I guess> about sometimes the site where my 
pump is leaves a little mark .. he told me later that he thought I had pock 
marks all over my stomach .. OK boy defiantly more careful about the site 
thing now .. come to find out it was much better that he shied away <smile > 

I often wonder will I ever walk down that aisle myself ..will my pump be 
sliding down my pantyhose causing me to stop in the middle of the aisle and 
yank it up or walk with a limp .. either way I still would like the chance to 
someday have that option .. and to count the carbs on my cake to be eaten .. 
At 27 I know I have time left ha ha but still wonder when that will be .. 

 Though I have never given diabetes a second thought I talk openly as well 
with my diabetes <we are friends now > but as I read on here .. maybe I 
should give it more thought .. I know I cannot be without insurance .. but I 
also want love is that possible ??
Again Sarah thank you for the wonderful words ... nice to know I am not alone 
.. I know we have talked before sorry I lost touch not good at this email 
thing .. Julie P.
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