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Re: [IP] Re: Touched by an Angel episode

> "it looked like she had taken, like, 60 units of insulin at once!  I
> know that it's something that only diabetics or parents of would
> notice, but I looked at my boyfriend like, "oh my god" and he said,
> "Oh, she'll probably be in a coma in 10 minutes, with all that
> insulin!"    

Actually no, you won't be in a coma in 10 minutes, but the next 6 - 8 
hours will be a real pain. Lily accidentally got a 90 u bolus once 
when we were way out in the boonies camping. She was giving little 
brother a piggy back ride and his shoe managed to flip open the door 
on her pump. the next push or two popped out the plunger end and the 
little foot proceeded to push it down -- all unbeknownest to Lily. 
She came back to camp and told me what she thought had happened and 
we proceed to sit up all night popping glucose and eating. She just 
tested every 15 - 20 minutes and took enough glucose to raise bg's to 
150 - 180 each time. the lowest she got was in the 30's. She had 
several snacks until she tired of eating things. This process went 
uninterrupted for about 3 - 4 hours and then abated somewhat, but the 
insulin tail still took another few hours to finally go away. She was 
fine (a little tired) the next day. She was 12 at the time.

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