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[IP] RE: I'm so disappointed in Disetronic

Are you sure you're upset with the right people? Have you called
Disetronic to find out if they sent the bill? When I was in the process of
trying to get approval for my pump, my insurance company claimed not to
have received 25 pages that my doctor's office faxed to them. My doctor's
office was able to tell me when and to whom the information was faxed.
This wasn't the last time the insurance company couldn't locate
information. Later, they couldn't find records to show that they were my
insurer, when I called about another claim. This was BC/BS, not Podunk
    In your situation, logic says that the pump company would want their
money, and it's the insurer who has the motivation not to hurry a payment
along. (thinking of the interest that accumulates for them the longer they
hang onto their money). Call Disetronic and if they've screwed up then by
all means, ride their butts, but make sure that's what it is.  


>>Well, it's been 3 weeks and my insurance company still doesn't know I
this pump.  They have no claim on file.  I thought that Disetronic would
least get the bill to my insurance in a timely manner, well, guess not.
Right now I'm ready to call the other 2 pump companies and tell them the
first one to get it paid, that's the pump I'll keep!


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