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[IP] Sending kids by themselves

Here's just my two cents (and I hope it's not in HTML or whatever format
as it was last time, but isn't set to do)
I was dx'd in early April of my sophomore year in high school with a BS
of over 800.  Back in school in 5 or so days, in Kodiak, AK the next week
(an hour plane ride away), and took a 10 day trip to Europe by myself with
a tour group that summer.  Yes, I was on shots, but I've done my own sliding
scales and been pretty independent since my dx.  Now I'm at college, 5000
miles from home, and I am so glad that I have learned how to be independent.
I know it would have been different if I had been younger, but my advice is
be careful (many phone calls home were required while I was in Europe <vbg>) but have fun and take advantage of opportunities!
dx'd 4/97 soon to be pumping