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Re: [IP] Pregnancy Question

Hi Sherry,

I really think that if your doc is well informed about DM pregnancies, you
shouldn't have to do a lot of convincing. My perinatologists (high-risk
obs.--which I would recommend bec. they know and deal with DM pregnancies)
were fine with me having another child, even after 25 years of DM. As long
as you're in good shape and can keep your BGs in line, you should be fine.
Studies have shown that pregnancy will not permanently affect DM
complications. If you've got some retinopathy, it will go back to its
pre-pregnancy state after you deliver. The same with nephropathy. However,
I'm not talking about end-stage renal failure here, just the earlier stages.

As far as unexpected pregnanceis, my first child wasn't planned and my
gyno/ob at the time told me that I had 2 weeks post-conception, unitl right
around the time your period is supposed to show up, when the embryo isn't
getting your blood supply. So one has that time to get one's butt in gear.
:-) And there's nothing like tiny, multiplying human cells inside you for
motivation, believe me. :-)

I would absolutely recommend getting healh professionals (perinatologist,
nurse/practioners/CDEs/etc.) who know what they're doing, that your BGs may
be wild the first trimester due to rapidly rising hormones, that your
insulin needs will go up in the 3rd trimester when you get more insulin
resistant, that DM increases your odds of pre-eclampsia, etc. You get the
picture. :-) It's not a piece of cake, but having a baby with DM isn't the
as bad as Lois Jovanovich depicted in her book, "The Diabetic Woman," IMHO.

Jenny, mom to gorgeous kids Logan, 1/5/89, adn Gemma, 9/26/97

(Type I, 27 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
email @ redacted

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