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Re: [IP] naming Eve's pump- Michael

> > Why does it have to have a name?? Lily's does not, it is just her
> > pump, a piece of equipment that helps her live her live well. Similar
> > to a pair of classes, or a good tool.
> > email @ redacted
> Oh, Michael, it is more than a mere piece of equipment, it is a
> piece of life saving equipment that is with her 24 hours, 7 days a
> week.> 
> The pump is like a member of our family now, it's like a pet on a
> leash, it needs to be feed (insulin), cleaned and cared for. Why not
> name it? 

I wasn't implying that she should not, only that if she chooses not 
to, no - big - deal. I think it is cute anyway, just doesn't happen 
in our "very pragmatic" family.

Heck, my wife has one of those green beatles with a liscense plate 
that says "RRIBBIT", but no name for the car.
email @ redacted
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