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Subject: [IP] Giving freedom

Yeah, Robin.  It gets easier to let the kids have their freedom as you see
them understanding both their diabetes and their pumps.  I feel pretty good
that Jenna can handle most anything that comes up, and she carries her carb
book, extra site stuff, extra sugar, and extra batteries and her little
calculator in her little backpack all the time.  And it's her security
blanket, she truly doesn't leave home without it.  I don't know what boys do
with the emergency stuff.

I re-watched the Touched By An Angel show today, as I was making a copy of
the tape for someone who asked for it.  I related a lot to the mom (being a
little type A and overcontrolling myself.)  So, I think any steps we make to
give kids their freedom deserves not one, but MANY pats on the back!


<<I just want you all to be proud of me. Kevin went on a field trip to the
Pentagon today without MOM!We set him up with a carb card for lunch and a
phone for emergencies, and a extra site change set just in case....and let
him go. Big step for him and me!  Any pats on the back are welcome! ha ha.>>

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