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Subject: Re: Subject: [IP] Help!! Statewide Testing in school

So far, Jenna's done 2 years worth of end of grade testing since being
diagnosed - and sugars stayed okay on those two test occasions.  So, we
haven't had to "invoke" any special 504 considerations.  But, she did have a
situation where she was a little ill with a virus, and was running very high
before a social studies test - and the teacher let her postpone it from
Thursday till Monday. I think postponing it would be better, because if
she's high, it's going to be a couple of hours (at least!) before a extra
bolus is going to get her back to target range, and if she's low, she often
has trouble focusing for a while even after her sugar is back up.  I suppose
if it was a mild low, that just waiting to proceed until her sugar was up
would be okay - but boy, that's a bunch of judgement call for a 10 year old
and a non-diabetic teacher to make.   There are makeup days for other kids
who miss the EOG tests, so I'd prefer that she would just do the whole thing
at a later date.  Probably ought to clarify that with the schools.
Fortunately (loud knock on wood) the pump usually keep her daytime sugars
pretty predictable.   Now (sigh) if we could just say the same thing about
the nighttime sugars.


<<would she then just sit there at the desk until she came into proper
and the proctor would have her on a separate timer?  ultimately she would
then be able to stay longer when the others had left?>>

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