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Re: [IP] naming Eve's pump- Michael

I am 50 1/2 yrs old. I always have named my favorite things or things that
I have had for a long time. We (when our children were little) named our
cars. Now that they have thier own families we still name our cars and they
name thier cars..it is fun and makes things more personal.  We have named
our property..we live out in no man's land and live right under the Milky
Way..so we have also named our horse stable and other outbuildings with
star names.
My blue pump is called Moonshine.
My inserter is called Shooting star..
If it helps me cope with everything..and if it helps children cope. More
power to them..I see the younger pumpers adjusting with a sense of fun and
humor..Good for them!
At my age I even ordered the Pump Girls CD LOL..It is rather cool.
I think we all have our ways of coping with things and we do so in ways
that are unususal and fun...I still wish they made a pink pump with glitter
cases or exchangeable fronts like cell phones which by the way mine is
named Flash and has a cool color case on it.
My new Therapy dog is named DreamWeaver (Dreamer for short)
and my other SD in training is named MoonBeam. but we call him Comet Simon.
or sometimes we call Dreamer "River" since he is a beautful colored double
Dapple Dachsie.
Comet is a Bichon.
our cars are also named...
Such is life LOL
Ginny- enjoying life
email @ redacted
aol IM chat ID riverbijou
ICQ# 48743830

At 11:59 AM 04/04/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>>it. Eve is more likely to wear the pump hanging on a belt loop for all to
>>see, if she has a name for it, when she goes to school, instead of hiding
>>and in turn hiding her diabetes.
>I am a grown woman who named her pump:) I named it to make it less a machine
>and more a friend to me. "Pump" is too cold and clinical sounding a word for
>something that's attached to you. My family even calls the pump by its name
>rather than "the pump" since it's such an important part of our lives. When
>I was very sick with pneumonia a few weeks back, I woke up to find my
>husband having a heart to heart with "Fluffy" telling it is had to do it's
>job well while I was ill.. No, we're not crazy, just eccentric and the pump
>does have an identitiy and role in our lives so for some of us, it deserves
>a name. My car also has a name,. BTW:)

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