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[IP] JDF transplant bill for Dr. Hering

I wrote about this on 2/24/00:

>There is a bill in the Minn. state legislature, that the MN chapter of JDF
is sponsoring, for
>a 10 million dollar funding for Islet Cell Transplants. This is for Dr.
>transplant research program. This money will be coming out of the Tobacco
>Settlement Lawsuit Trust Fund interest, the interest  part of the lawsuit
>ONLY. This  WILL NOT raise your taxes. Right now they can only do 10
>transplants a year, if this bill is passed they can do 50 a year. Without
>this money it will take 10 years to do this research instead of 2 years.

This was e-mail to me yesterday :

"Dear JDF Supporter

The purpose of this note is to ask for your help. Here in Minnesota,  we
been working on some legislation being sponsored by Representative Henry
Van Dellen, asking the state of Minnesota for $10 million for diabetes
research to go to the islet transplant center at the University of
Dr. Bernhard Hering is directing that program. The $10 million will allow
Hering to complete the necessary trials for islet cell transplantation in
years versus the 10 years it will take without additional funding.

Our 'bill' is now in committee, meaning there are five representatives and
five senators who will decide it's fate. We need emails from as many people
we can get to ask the following people to support Representative Henry Van
Dellen's bill for funding diabetes research toward a cure.  The Committee is
in conference this week, so urgent response is needed.  Emails can come from
anywhere in the country, so if you know of anyone who would help us respond
to this, please forward this email as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping us to accelerate the cure to diabetes"

If you would like to write letters to the committee members, please e-mail
me privately and I will supply you with the names and the e-mail address.

Thank You for letting me post this.

Deborah email @ redacted
Mom to Eve 12.5
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

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