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[IP] Thank God for the pump

Last night at bedtime my bg was 284. Haven't been that high since (wow) the
end of last year. This was a surprise (and I did test twice to confirm it)
but must have been a rebound from a low I had earlier but thought I treated
appropriately. So I bolused 1.7 to bring me to a comfortable 114, set my
alarm for 4 hours later (4:15a) to check and make sure it came down, and
went to sleep. Woke up and looked at my alarm clock because I felt a little
low and it was 7:40a. My only conclusion is that I crashed during the night
and my alarm didn't wake me. I am a light sleeper and usually wake
immediately when the alarm goes off. My bg at that time was 58 but I was
fully capable of treating it and getting up. On MDI I probably wouldn't have
woken up and never would have been able to get out of bed by myself. So for
those considering the pump but fearing lows, I repeat what others have said.
Lows happen but, in my experience, on the pump they have never been as
severe as on MDI (symptom-wise not number-wise) and I have not needed any
assistance in treating a low.

So what have I learned from this? Next time I will be a llittle more
conservative correcting and I will set my alarm for 2-3 hours instead of 4.


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