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[IP] reflections of being single and diabetic

  Hello everyone,

  I'm single as of 12/98 and am troubled by some mental health issues with 
being single and diabetic. First of all I had to face the fact that I would 
be living alone, well I did it and now don't worry about it much anymore.  
The pump helps with the auto-shutdown timer on it.
  There is another thing I'm struggling with now and that is how do you get 
into a relationship with someone when you know that you might be a real 
burden on them someday, I'm not saying that diabetes is the worse thing you 
can have and i'm not putting down anyone, but to face the truth diabetes is 
no cake walk and does put a strain on everyone especially the people that 
are married to a diabetic.
  I was dx in '91 and was married at the time so i've never had to face 
being single. Its very frustrating to have to explain to people that you are 
a diabetic and then answer all the questions that come up. I've almost 
stopped dating. I would like to find another diabetic to talk to who has 
struggled with the same problem.
  If anyone wants to e-mail me privately please do so.

  Dan email @ redacted
  dx 6/91, pumping 2/00
  37 years old
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