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> Bonnie;
> I must be missing something but I usually take 10 units
or more for a meal.

I think that one of the problems is that the early posts
to this thread are type II's (or 1 1/2) and there can be
different reasons for wanting a II to keep total insulin
usage below 35.  II's do produce some insulin and the
doctor may want to restrict carb intake through a back
door method of restricting insulin.  There are charts in
_Stop the Rollercoaster_ which give far higher daily
expected doses as weight goes up.  Although I have not
read every post in this thread, I don't believe anyone was
claiming that 10 units was an upper limit for anyone else
(at least I hope not).  Anyone that does claim that does
not understand dm and should be ignored.

> I try to take the correct amount of insulin for the
carb. intake of the
> meal.  No problem..

YMMV I have taken as much as 20 units (15 before, 5 after)
for a (decadent) meal and been perfect through the night.
Because of all the variables (weight, metabolism,
activity, sensitivity, etc.) no one can make a blanket
statement for 2 different I's or 2 different II's, but we
can all report what works for each of us, which can help
others and broaden all of our understanding.

We should always try to keep everything in perspective.
Maybe my bg is getting low and I should be ignored too.
Jack Granowski
email @ redacted
Wonder is very necessary in life
 - Doug Henning

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