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[IP] Diabetes Station Explained.."Tune In"

    I noticed several post from IPers wondering why they were receiving mail 
from the "Diabetes Station". I attended their debut forum this evening with 
Dr. Bernhard Hering speaking about Islet Cell Transplantation. <A 
Station Chat</A>  This website is an off-shoot of the Insulin-Free World, 
started I believe by Deb Butterfield. <A 
HREF="http://www.diabetesstation.org/schedule.asp">Schedule for April 2000</A>
  Tomorrow there will be an evening chat at 9:00 EST re Disetronic Pumps; 
Wednesday night Deb Butterfield herself will be speaking about Pancreas 
transplants at 10:00 am & Dr Aaron Vinik will address islet cell regeneration 
at 9:00 p.m. Congressman Nethercutt of the Congressional Diabetes Caucus will 
be Thursday evening's speaker, followed by JDF's brand new CEO, Peter Van 
Etten on Friday evening. Future "guests" include Ellen Ullman, KidsRPumping 
webmaster; Dr. Alberto Hayek, about islet research; Bill King about the 
Animas Pump; John Walsh, author of Pumping Insulin ( hey we can ask where 
that new edition is!!!); the Pump Girls; Joe La Mountain from ADA, and much 
    This is an amazing achievement to have gathered such renowned experts 
under one "forum" roof to be at the mercy of inquisitive, informed diabetes 
advocates in a chat format. This is an opportunity for all of us to become 
enlightened about the "start of the art" in April 2000 regarding a cure for 
diabetes. So set your dials & "tune in" to the station. Among other "gems", 
tonight's program included this comment from Dr. Hering ( from Univ of Minn): 
  Regards, Renee (pump-mom)
   Dr. Hering is starting clinical trials NEXT MONTH and anyone who is 
interested in participating is welcome to contact Kathy Duderstadt, RN, and 
Kathy Jacobsen, RN, our islet transplant coordinators at 612-624-8402 or 
612-626-5293 for further information.  
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