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[IP] Pre-loadig MiniMed insulin resevoirs?

(There may have been a thread here on this subject before,  If so, could
someone point me to the web link where it is to be found?)

My question: several on this list have signified that they load up 2 or
3 reservoirs at a time and use them until they are depleted.  However, m
CDE at the Joslin advised me not to do this, because of the potential
for chemical degradation to take place if the insulin and the plastic
syringe are in contact too long.

Do we have a chemist here who can comment on this happening?  Also, has
anyone ever discussed the subject with MiniMed?

Thanks in advance.  I've begun loading 3 reservoirs at a time -- about a
10 day supply -- much more convenient than breaking everything out every
3 days.

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