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Re: [IP] say huh? On 20 units to refill resevoir?

> I completely do not understand this post at all.  Woudll someone
> fill me in privately as to what this is refering? Thanks Charisma :)
> > Recently Michael gave a suggestion on how to use that 20 units of insulin
> in
> > the tubing when the reservoir is empty - for people like me who do not use
> a

Sure, there are two things going on here.

1) even with an "empty" cartridge, there is 15 - 20 units of insulin 
in the leur lock area of the syringe, and another 20 units of insulin 
in the tube (42"). With a standard insulin syringe, you can draw out 
this insulin and use it if needed.

2) for the insulin in the tubing, it is possible to carefully 
disconnect the pump syringe, draw air into it, and reconnect it to 
the infusion set. this should be done and primed disconnected from 
the user. This done, the pump will then push air into the infusion 
line, pushing the remaining 20 units to the user. I've heard of 
others using this technique, and my daughter has used it once when 
she ran out of insulin at school. She proceeded as above and refilled 
the reservoir when she got home in the afternoon.

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