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[IP] 0.1 unit delivery

Since my MiniMed 507c (blue) delivers in 0.1u increments, I can program a
bolus pressing either the up or down arrow key holding it steady until the
desired amount is reached. If I go over, I use the opposite key to correct
before I press Act(ivate). Learning bits and pieces about the D pumps, and
someone said it would be unacceptable to program by 0.1 units, do you have
to push the button - let's say 40 times - for 4.0 units? I thought most
electronic items that have up and down arrows can be programmed by holding
the button to make it speedier i.e., stove, copier, clock radio, and such.
At certain stages the numbers often fly, but can easily be corrected. I have
seen *pros* stand at copiers pressing the arrow up 25 times to get to 125%.
Not necessary. But I want to know about the D pump. Enlighten me, please, so
I know somewhat of which I know very little and not assume. TIA 8^)
Jan & Bluda Sue

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