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[IP] Type II complaints and thoughts...long

Ok, the subject here is Type II diabetes and the almost shame folks can feel
due to having it.

I apologize if anything I say offends others.  I am venting here.  And
complaining again.  But feedback would be appreciated if you  are not so
offended you want to thwomp me.  :)

For me, it is because of statements like this, copied straight from the AMA
"A disorder.....It is the most common form of the disease. Type 2 diabetes
accounts for 90-95 percent of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is nearing epidemic
proportions, due to an increased number of older Americans, and a greater
prevalence of obesity and a sedentary lifestyle. "
Here are the words that stand out to me....
older (I do not personally find this offensive, but I know some folks are
sensitive to being termed "elderly " or old)

How can anyone feel as if they are not to blame when statements such as this
are the ones used to describe Type II.  While, on the flip side we have Type
" An autoimmune disease in which the body does not produce any insulin, most
often occurring in children and young adults. People with type 1 diabetes
must take daily insulin injections to stay alive. "

Whereas Type II was a disorder (form of the disease), Type I is strictly a
disease.  Which sounds less like your fault?  Disease does to me.  Disorder
always carries the connotation(to me anyhow) of something I deserve for
living a slothenly lifestyle, or doing something stupid.

Type I "requires...to stay alive"  Now how much further form your fault can
THAT be?  But Type II has to use diet and exercise to control it.

I am really concerned about this right now as I am having bg of 60-159 when
I test myself(non-diabetic).  Today I have been doing a gluc tolerance
test(self-run) and hit 177 at half hour , 194 at 1 hour.  That is as far as
I am right now.
(here is the part about which I ask you to forgive me)
I keep thinking  "if  I have diabetes, please let it be Type I ."  STUPID
and insulting probably to those of you who HAVE Type I or II, but I can't
stand another thing that is "my fault" in this life.  I have Bipolar that is
a mental disorder and we all know how folks feel about those.  Then I have
Crohn's which, while not my "fault" is looked upon as such.

I am overweight and any back or stomach problem is automatically filed under
the heading of a person's fault if they are overweight(by some other
people).  I am told repeatedly to  "pull myself up by my bootstraps"
(bipolar) and to lose some weight and eat more healthfully.  I have lost
from 350+ to 224, and do Yoga every day.  And I have learned to control my
Bipolar with meds and techniques as much as possible.

Even my Mom crawls up one side and down the other of my Dad for not "taking
care of" his Type II.  Take walks, eat right and it will go away.

 So I am discouraged that Type II seems to be the way I am heading. Cause
for ONCE I would like to have people on my side about my health, rather than
always looking for ways to BLAME me!

Charisma  (feeling sorry for myself)

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