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[IP] Re: 10 units

Ok, so I fibbed, this is about 10 units and an update on my 1st pre-pump appointment. 
First, I have no problem taking big doses of insulin, although I have yet to need 10 units.  I'm still on NPH and Lispro, however, and my dinner doses are about 25 of NPH and 8 of Lispro, and close to that in the morning, with about 5 at lunch.  So I total somewhere around 70.  That does seem like a lot to me, but I am ALWAYS hungry and eat all the protein I can get my hands on plus my sugars are generally pretty good.  At least when I'm hungry they are.  I do worry about taking a lot of insulin, as I used to take almost half this in Aug (I think college may have something to do with it).  But so far so good.
Second, my appointment went well, no reasons my doctor found for me not to be on a pump, so she's writing the letter and I should have one in May!   Bad, though, my HBA1C was 8.6, much higher than the usual 7's, but that should help with reasons for a pump, although I would rather have it normal!!!
Happy Pumping all,
dx'd 4/97