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[IP] Thanks, Michael

Recently Michael gave a suggestion on how to use that 20 units of insulin in
the tubing when the reservoir is empty - for people like me who do not use a
QR.  I could not post to this list for awhile, so I want to get this in now.
He suggested carrying a syringe so when the infusion site is removed, the
insulin can be drawn back into the reservoir and the syringe then can be
filled with what is needed for the *moment.* I would be sure to have capping
capabilities to keep the reservoir from leaking and uncontaminated.
    Thanks for that suggestion, Michael. I often was concerned about what I
would do while having 20 units of insulin and no deliver system. That's
about 2/3 of my daily dose. I've been pumping for only 16.5 years and sure
ain't learnt it all (yet). ;)
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50)

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