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[IP] Update State Testing -long

Thanks for the advice. I spoke with Matt's teacher on the phone today about 
the situation. She was just following school/state regulations so she did not 
get into trouble.  I explained to her that Matt could not be put into a 
situation where he cannot test, or feel like he's going to be in trouble if 
he needs to test. I asked if she needed me to talk to the principal, and she 
said, no, she would talk to her herself. Well she calls back and all is well, 
Matt's desk will be moved near the teachers desk, and his supplies will be 
put on her desk and he may test during these district tests if he needs to, 
but they will have to be very very quiet and not disturb the other children. 
So i agree, and think all is well when the principal calls me back just to 
tell me that THEY were being very FLEXIBLE about all of this, and to warn me 
that next year the middle school may not be!!!!!!!!  That was at 3:30, i'm 
still TICKED off!!!!  I told her that flexibility wasn't an issue here, that 
Matt's legal rights were!  If they were worried about distractions, let him 
not test and see how big of a distraction he'd make if he had a low, and hit 
the floor!!!!!!!  Gosh darn, i'm angry...........but hey, Matt will be 
allowed to test if need be, and that was my whole goal!  Sorry so long!!!!!

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