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[IP]Testing BS in High School (was Help! State testing prob.)

I am a high school student and I have been having so MANY problems with 
testing my blood sugar at school. I have been diabetic my whole life, that 
is 17 years of experience with how to deal wiht lows and highs. My school 
doesn't have a nurse all day long. We have one for approx. 2 hours a day. 
She comes at lunch and hands out meds to other students. I test my BS with 
her at lunch. If any other time during the day if I feel hypo or 
hyperglycemic I have to go to the office and test my BS. My dean (principle) 
has recently insisted on me checking in front of someone because he thinks 
that I'm lying to him about being low so I can miss class. He also has told 
my teachers and me that I can't get credit for the assignments that I miss. 
They also refuse to let me test in the classroom because of some sort of 
blood contamination risk.

What am I supposed to do? I have gotten as low as 23 at school because I 
hate having to go to the office. I try to reduce my basal rates and suspend 
my pump so that I don't have to go to the office. Since I use Humalog though 
it sometimes doesn't work and I do have to test.

I'm so frustrated and feel so helpless! Please help me! You can email me 
personally at   email @ redacted   if you want.

Thanks a bunch!
DM 17yrs., Pumping 1 yr.

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