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Re: [IP] Bolusing 10

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From: "Pixie" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Monday, April 03, 2000 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: [IP] Bolusing 10

> >1 unit drops me between 35-45 points. I am however a Type 1, so maybe
> >is what makes the difference?  Hmmm....
> I am reacting like a Type I on insulin where on tablets my sugars were
> wildly swinging (from 25-490) and usually over 140 (A1C's gone from 7.8 to
> 5.4 in the last year) and I was sick alot more. I started back on insulin
> January after I stopped responding at all to Amaryl and Glucophage. Alot
> MODY's eventually become insulin dependent. We're called Type 1.5 by some
> endos since we fall into both categories as our pancreas get more tired of
> working so hard. It al depends on the individual tho, that's the beauty of
> diabetes, it's a disease that caters to the whims of the metobolism:)
> Pixie
Hi Pixie,

I am a MODY also, although I agree with Natalie that we are both type weird.
I was diagnosed in 1955 at age 22. Went on insulin 70/30 at age 62. Changed
myself to MDI about a year later when I got tired of eating to feed my
insulin. Started on a MM507C 6-99.

I use 1 unit H to 1 carb (15 g carbs) and also 1 unit will drop me 45-50
points. Haven't hit a low below 74 since starting pumping, and only go above
160 before meals or bedtime when I miscount carbs, or forget to dual wave
bolus for pizza or Chinese. Ha1c was 6.0 in March. Used the MM CGM in Jan to
help achieve this.

Forget what the doctor told you about insulin resistance increasing if you
use more insulin. They really do not know, only guessing. My Endo and RNP
both, in a large practice in Orange Co California, say I am the first MODY
they have ever put on a pump and look to my experiences to help them deal
with others.

I haven't Bolused 10 but have square waved 8 at a birthday BBQ including
cake. (8 yr. old granddaughter).

Remember your metabolism is at fault, NOT you.


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