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[IP] Re: statewide tests

At 01:04 PM 04/03/2000 , you wrote:
>Help.......Matt is starting statewide district testing today, and i wrote a
>note to the teacher explaining that Matt should test around 10:30, 2 hr pp,
>to see if too high or too low, and i was told, by Matt, he called, that HE
>COULD NOT test his blood during the test!!!!  I put in the note to have his
>monitor at HIS desk, so he wouldn't have to get up, but no he still is not
>allowed!  Grant it, only if he were having a low, i'd worry, because he was
>being denied, but i want him to do well on these tests, isn't that a right?
>I know there is info on this out there, but the search engine is temporarily
>down........what should i do???  I told Matt to have the teacher call me this
>afternoon!   HELP HELP HELP.  Should i not worry that  his numbers are in
>range? Am i being too much??????  Anxiously waiting!!!!!!!

Not only should he be able to test if he needs to, but should also be able 
to snack.  When Anthony took his Stanford 9's last year, he had his morning 
snack right in the middle of the tests......this was pre-pump.  You may 
find it necessary to visit the principal and the school nurse to force the 
issue with the teacher.

You may find it helpful to add these kinds of issues to his 504 plan or 
IEP.  They have to adhere to it.

mother of Anthony, 11, dx 9-22-95....MM 508 since 2-17-2000!

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