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Re: [IP] Help! I can't get sofsets in!

David, I would recommend everyone to call and ask, give them your insurance
information they will call you after they have contacted your insurance.  I
know they carry all the pump supplies.  I got my first 3 month supplies with
the pump from MM and before my company closed and I had to switch Insurance,
I got three month supplies from Diabetic Supply.

The person who handled the pump supplies is Sheryl, just call the number and
ask for her.  I know that they do not work with HMO or BCBS, but I had two
other companies that they worked very well with.  It used to be if you
recommended someone to use them they would send you a box of syringes.
Mention my name maybe they will send me a box of Sofsets. :) :)  I don't
think they will, but again I was very happy with them.

The thing to remember is to tell them what you need and want and insist they
give it to you.  I had to threaten that I would go by my comfort curves
somewhere else before they gave them to me.  They wanted me to keep using
the regular ones.

Tom Carlson

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>Tom & Nancy Carlson
>Do you think Diabetic Supply of USA, 800 -726-9811 would offer free
>sofserters to other diabetics?

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