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RE: [IP] Bolusing 10

I was very interested to see your post and what your doctor had told you.  I
have a 1/9 or 1/10 insulin to carb ratio depending on the time of day and
12.5 units for basal.  The doctor told me I was insulin resistant because of
my insulin to carb-ratio.  Although I am not convinced that this is so.
Usually Humalog is in and out of my system within 2 hours which I would
think makes me sensitive to insulin? However my diet is much higher in carbs
then yours because I average between 40 and 50 units a day.  I had 39.4
yesterday and 44.6 the day before.  The doctor has never told me that would
make me more resistant.  

As for weight I am considered slightly overweight.  If I lose 10 pounds I
will be at my body's ideal weight.

And referring to the title of the post.  10 units may seem like a lot.  Most
of my meals average between 5-8units.  Once and a while 10 is surpassed
pretty quickly.   Like this weekend my husband and I went on a romantic date
to the restaurant we got engaged at.  The meal I ordered was a 1/2 duckling
in an apricot glaze, wild rice, and mixed vegetable (broccoli, carrots).  I
had a Caesar salad before that, and a slice of texas pecan pie ala-mode for
desert.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm.  Ok so the rice was (45g), Salad(dressing, croutons,
veggies) (15g), Vegetables(10g), Duck (~30g estimate of carb for protein and
fat), and Pie (45g).  So that totaled ~145g.  For my 1/10 ratio, I took 10
units up front and 5 over the next 6 hours.  My bg hovered at 130 all night.
My goal was 100 so I could have taken more.  For me this meal was special,
and not an everyday thing.  But I didn't even blink taking it.  Sometimes
you need to just relax and enjoy a great meal.  

-- Sherry
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