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[IP] Bolusing 10

Not trying to be offensive...it is just me but I think 10 units seems like 
lot of insulin  for one meal.   I have given up a lot of foods like pizza 
pasta b/c of their high carb counts.  I can't take 10 units for one meal. 
worry about it too much.  I also worry about how much insulin I take in a 
hour period.  If I go ever a certain # of units a day I feel like I have 
bad.  Does anyone else worry this much too?

Always remember and never forget - everyone's mileage may vary....
I always have to bolus 10 for chinese/japanese food.  Yes, it is a lot, and 
I try to stay below a certain   # of units per day, but every now and then 
if I want chinese or mexican, I know it is ten units, 5 now, 5 later, or 
whatever.  Everyone had a different relationship with insulin/carb ratios 
and fat/carb/insulin ratios and sugar/carb/fat/insulin rations.. etc.  Viva 
le difference.
Bonnie Richardson

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