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[IP] Airport Security and Insulin

For years I have had my insulin manually checked at the security gates when 
travelling.  Someone passed a tidbit of info to me at a Dr.s office 
suggesting it might hurt the insulin to be X-rayed.  I asked the Lily 
Pharmacist about it and she said that a single exposure shouldn't do harm, 
but any repeated exposure could.  Manually checking it is the best bet as you 
never know if a bag will need to go through again or get stuck under the 
machine for some reason.  I also tell the person at the gate that  it is best 
if I open the case as there have been a few times when a vial or two has 
almost been dropped or has been needlessly fingered, yuck!   A line 
like,"there may be a loose syringe in there, why don't you let me open it for 
you?" usually works.
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