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Re: [IP] MiniMed question about resevoirs

Just for the record, Pat, I think you mean that the absorption problems
after 3 days can come from the catheter site in the skin, NOT from the
reservoir.  Most people use the same reservoir for substantially longer
than 3 days with no problems at all.  Indeed, lately I often go 3 weeks on
the same reservoir with no problem.

<Hi Sharon,
<I hate to disagree with your trainer, but it does not matter how big you
are, if
<you need more than 50 units per day, take the clear converter out and enjoy 3
<days on the pump between changes.  As a trainer/pumper myself, it was probably
<her way of discourageing you from extending the 3 days.  Alot of absorption
<problems can occur if you do.
<Good luck,

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