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I thought the Touched By An Angel show was more true-to-life than others
 I've seen about DM. Most shows ignore the daily routine after a certain
 length of time. I did notice, however, the following:
 1) When Amy was playing volleyball and not doing too well and the coach
 pulled her out, would have been the *perfect* opportunity to discuss what a
 hypo could do. They mentioned she had mistreated herself, but a low was not
 dealt with.
 2) I saw the alarm go off at 12:30 and 3:30. The one day the mom was so
 tired the alarm had buzzed until 4:00 and the dad awakened the mom. I didn't
 see it as being set at 4:00 - but that she was exhausted by the routine and
 slept through a half-hour long buzzing. Those clocks don't stop buzzing
 until someone shuts them off. I had one go for nine hours once because it
 went off after we left and didn't know it until we got home.
 Jan & Bluda Sue
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