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Re: [IP] Touched By An Angel Episode

Here's my two cents...

I thought they did a great job with the show.  Unlike many others who have
commented, I didn't get the impression they were testing all night, I assumed
these were different nights during the first couple of weeks.

I also laughed at the girl flinging her arm over to mom while half asleep for
the middle of the night test...and when she pulled her hand away after being
pricked.  Stephie has done this often (usually right when I get the drop good
and ready)!

There were two parts that hit home most for my daughter.  The part where the dad
finally gets up in the middle of the night (dragged by mom) but stands outside
the door crying because he doesn't want to see his "little girl" in pain.
Stephie asked if her daddy cried like that...he sure did!!  She also related at
the end, where Amy asks the angel, "Why did God give me diabetes?"  Steph has
screamed/cried that same question on more than one occassion!

I'd love to see a "sequel" where see gets a pump!

Laurie, mom to Alexia (10) and Stephie (8, dx 8/98, pumping since 11/99)

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