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[IP] Mexican Food

     Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 12:46:57 EST
     From: email @ redacted
     Subject: [IP] mexican food low/high
     Just wanted to get any ones oppinion on what happened here. We went 
     out for 
     Mexican food last night and Kevin was 136. He had been playing 
     before that, but not extremely hard.  He had a chicken taco, bean, 
     tortilla chips with salsa and one order of nachos (yes, this 12 year 
     old can 
     eat..lol) and an ice cream. We counted all the carbos, feeling we were 
     on target and about 2 hrs later he was 56. We thought maybe we didn't 
     carbs correctly so we gave him 2 glucose tabs and a cup of milk. That 
     seems to hold him through the night. Well, this morning he came in at 
     Could it be the fat in the food?  What should I do next time?
     Thanks, Linda, mom to Kevin
     YMMV always applies, but if I eat mexican (other the fajita's), chili, 
     or anything else that contains  alot of beans, I used to go low 2 
     hours after and hi later.  Beans have a lot of fiber and seem to raise 
     my bg level slowly (depending on their level of mushyness).  I found 
     that I had better success by taking half my bolus (for the beans) 
     before and dividing the other half (for the beans) over 2 hours by 
     running a temp basal. Seems to work for me. 
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