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[IP] Re: Touched by an Angel episode

I didn't see the whole episode...maybe 10 minutes of it.  Usually I'd rather 
pull out my toenails with tweezers than watch that show!!  :)  But I watched 
a little bit last night.  I thought it was generally very well done.  The 
only thing I noticed was that when the girl whipped out her needle and 
insulin and shot up, it looked like she had taken, like, 60 units of insulin 
at once!  I know that it's something that only diabetics or parents of would 
notice, but I looked at my boyfriend like, "oh my god" and he said, "Oh, 
she'll probably be in a coma in 10 minutes, with all that insulin!"  But 
like I said, it's only something that we would probably notice.  From what I 
saw of the show though, the emotional part of it was very realistic.

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