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Re: [[IP] Priming Air Out Of Tube]

email @ redacted wrote:
> Tonight we noticed air in the tubing of the micro.  I disconnected and
> it out.  But I didn't know how much to prime when we reconnected? 

Once the air was out of the tube you shouldn't need to prima at all on
reconnection, unless some of the air had actually been infused before you
noticed it was in the hose. If some air, rather than insulin, had gone into 
her it's hard know what to prime to make up for it. You reall just need to
test and correct as always.

 She went 
> way high afterwards.  Also, we wasted a lot of insulin, thereby shortening 
> the life of this site, when we primed the air out.  It was way up the tube. 

> If I'd waited I was afraid I wouldn't remember later. 

OK, so none of the air got into her. Sounds like the event was stressful,
and/or you primed when it wasn't needed after reconnecting, drove her low and
had an unseen hypo, which drove her high.


You really have to learn how to reload a syringe when this happens.
Disconnect from her, take out the syringe. Detach the hose from it, put the
needle back on it (which you would have need to have saved from when you first
loaded it). I always keep the covered needle on the old syringe after pulling
out a used syringe so there's 1 available. Fill the syringe from the insulin

Anyway, hold the tube with both connectors aimed upwards, so the insulin 
stays in them, then refill the open tip of the syringe connector (Luer Lok)
with insulin until it is domed up above the sides slightly. Detach the needle
from the syringe with the syringe open tip pointed upwards and 
push the plunger till it is also domed up at the connector.

Tilt the hose connector and the syringe toward each other until the insulin
domes merge and push them together till locked. The just put it back in the
pump, prime it till you get insulin flow from the quick connect at the people
end of the hose, reconnect to her, and resume pumping. NO priming needed at
that point, since the infusion set base held the insulin in it from before
(there IS a seal in there), unless it took too long and you need to replace
missed basal amounts.

Test often to be sure of the results, and don't let her fell stress while this
is going on or you'll get the normal result, rising bg.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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